Quick question. Who loves doing updates to software? The answer; not many. Guess what? Same goes for WordPress Updates.

With our update services we’ll help you keep your WordPress website and the plugins up to date with the latest versions. While seen by some as an annoyance, updates are critical to the continued success of your web site. New threats are discovered all the time, which means that software must evolve and grow to protect against new threats.

WordPress Core Updates

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WordPress is continually updated to add new features, fix code that may be broken, or respond to newly found security threats. Staying up to date on these new releases can be time consuming, and burdensome to small companies or individuals.

Let Realistic Web Design help. We’ll keep track of the WordPress updates for you and get them installed for you in a timely fashion. No mess, no worries on your part! We do the work for you.

Plugin Updates

WordPress Plugin

Just like the main WordPress code that you have installed, many of the plugins that you use on your site will have updates as well. If you thought keeping up with one update, the core module, was time consuming, wait until you have 6 or 7 plugins that you use with updates as well.

The updates will be coming in faster than you know what to do with them. Why not let us handle the updates for you? With update services from Realistic Web Design we’ll work with you to get the plugin updates installed on your site, and let you worry about other business.