Two other important areas are the security and backup of your web site. Without security, your site is open and vunerable to those who wish to do harm to it, or the people visiting your site. Backups give you the ability to restore your website quickly in the event of a disaster.


We use, and highly recommend to others, iThemes Security Pro to help secure WordPress based websites. In fact, all Realistic Web Design customers will get a complementary 3 month subscription to iThemes Security Pro once their new web site has launched. Our web hosting customers at Synchronized Hosting will get a complementary subscription to iThemes Security Pro with their monthly WordPress hosting package.

Did you know? We offer both of these services for a monthly fee to anyone! Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you.


Ask any seasoned IT veteran about the topic, and you’ll get the same answer.

“Backup, Backup, Backup!”

Having a backup of your website is valuable for many reasons. The most obvious one is in the event that your web hosting provider goes out of business and takes your files with them leaving you without a place to host a website, or even the files for one. Other reason is the ability to reload your website to another web server so that you can test out new ideas before going ‘live’ with them. Of course the most important reason a lot of people will think of is if something happens and your website is attacked, and you need to restore to a previous date and time. Without a backup, that won’t be possible.

We use, and recommend to to others, iThemes BackupBuddy. With BackupBuddy you can store the backup right there with your web site, or even send it to a 3rd party location like Dropbox or Amazon S3. They have a full restore script that makes the restoration of your WordPress site quick and simple. You can even use the backup to migrate to a new hosting provider if you choose to.

All Realistic Web Design customers will get a 3 month subscription to BackupBuddy. This will allow you to control your own backups and restores anytime you need to.