Today, in The United States and Canada, nearly 70% of households have access to the Internet. It has evolved to the point where the Internet has become an indispensable element in the way business is carried out, and is shaping the way business will be carried out in the future. Most consumers nowadays investigate a product or service online before making their purchase. So, in this day and age, it could cost you not to have a business website. Listed below are 5 reasons why your small business needs a custom website, and why you should employ a knowledgeable web designer to build it.

Credibility & Identity Building

Why Your Small Business Needs a Custom Website

Like it or not, your potential customers are going to determine the quality of your goods and/or services based on presentation and image. Therefore, a visually pleasing website will give you and your company more credibility in the eyes of customers or clients.

Lower Your Expenses

Why spend hundreds of dollars on static conventional media for example, pamphlets? If there was ever an improvement in your business, such as a business expansion or added products/services, it would necessitate printing all brand-new corporate brochures.

A website is powerful and can be changed or improved in a very affordable manner. Best of all, your clients can gain access to this information from anywhere, without the hold-up of snail-mail. A properly constructed website can also minimize the time that you and your staff members spend answering redundant client questions.

Complement Your Existing Marketing Efforts

Most people consider a website as marketing. Unfortunately, they would be inaccurate. A website is a medium which complements and improves your existing marketing efforts. Your prospective clients or customers can conveniently get access to information that isn’t practical to feature in other conventional advertising mediums.

In less than a decade, a website will be just as common as having a listing in the Yellow Pages. What would your potential customers or clients think of your business if you didn’t have a website?

Customer Service

Customers Are Looking For Answers
Customers Are Looking For Answers

A website allows prospective clients or customers to get to know more about your company. This enhances the personal side of doing business. Your business will be available 24hrs per day, 365 days per year. If someone has a question regarding your product or service, a response is only an e-mail away. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable on the phone or in your office/store, and, to these people, e-mail is their favored method of correspondence.

It is also possible to add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your small business website. This would allow your potential and existing clients or customers to get answers to their questions without even having to send you an email. It’s less work for you, and the potential or existing client/customer gets their information even quicker.

Get a Jump on the Competition

A properly developed website will make your business appear bigger than it truly is, and therefore challenge much larger competitors. When it comes to becoming listed in the search engines (Google, etc.), the more time your website has been online, the higher rank you will receive. This means that more traffic will be pointed to your website. It is for this reason that you can’t afford delay this important decision any longer.

Why are You Waiting?

You’ve just read 5 great reasons why your small business needs a custom website. At Realistic Web Design we are here to help you get a website up and going so you can crush your competition. Fill out the Project Request form to request your website, and we’ll be on contact with you shortly.