There are many web designers out there, and many people who will be more than happy to build your WordPress website for you. At Realistic Web Design, we do more than just build a website for you and dump it in your lap. Instead we are there with you for the long haul. We’ll host your website for you, provide you with update services, security services and more.

A website is your home on the internet, and it’s often the first impression that potential customers or clients will have about you. Thus it’s vitally important that you have a professional website. Social media networks come and go, but your website is your home, and will always be there for you.

Design Process

When you have Realistic Web Design build your site, we do so with security in mind. We use only the best WordPress themes, plugins and code. When it comes time to launch we perform a 39 point WordPress security lock-down. Once your site is live we then monitor for hack attempts and perform regular malware scans to ensure your site is clean. We’ll even provide a free SSL Certificate for your site. This means that communication between your site, and your visitor is encrypted. Google, and many other search engines, will even lower the rankings of sites without SSL enabled.

Security is just one part of what we offer you after your site is live. As part of our WordPress Care Package, we provide dedicated hosting, nightly backups, and updates to WordPress and the plugins in use on your site. Each of these services offers you the assurance that your website will be available and secure.


Laptop Computer

There are some people who subscribe to the theory that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. However, just because your website is up and running, doesn’t mean there are flaws to be found. Every piece of software is going to have a bug. New vulnerabilities are being found quite regularly, and sometimes with wide ranging consequences. For example, if a bug is found in a programming language, then any or all of the plugins written in that language could be affected.

With the update services as part of the WordPress Care Package, we’ll perform the security updates for your websites in a timely and effective manner. This means you don’t have to worry about, or find someone on your staff to keep things updated for you.

Dedicated Hosting

Our hosting platform is run by a company that is serious about security and support. As part of our hosting platform we managed servers that are dedicated to our customers, and no one else’s. This means you are hosted on servers that are maintained by us, and our hosting partner. There are not hundreds and thousands of websites on our servers, just those of our customers.

Our servers are regularly updated with the latest versions of various hosting components. This means that your site is already running the most recent versions of software, giving you an edge when it comes to staying ahead of the hackers.


There is an old saying in the IT industry. If there is only one copy of the data, then it doesn’t exist. While we feel it is highly unlikely your website would be hacked while under our care, a backup of the site would allow it to be restored quickly. Your website would be backed up once a day, meaning that any emergency restore that needs to be done would be no more then 24 hours old.

However, we do not stop at a single backup. We actually make multiple backups every night, each stored in a different location. Some are stored at the hosting providers location. For added security, we store at least one copy of the backup in an offsite location.

Let’s Get Started!

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